Eurocopter AS 532 U2 Cougar/欧直AS 532 U2美洲狮模型改造

Review&Building report/开盒预览和制作 part1

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last update 2022-11-29
Cougar model in 1/32 scale Matchbox / Revell Puma Helicopter Conversion
1/32的美洲狮模型,在火柴盒/利华美洲豹直升机模型套材的基础上改造而成 荷兰空军机徽
KLu荷兰空军的美洲狮实物[ a real Cougar of the KLu荷兰空军的美洲狮实物]
Cougar model in 1/32 scale Matchbox / Revell Puma Helicopter Conversion
1/32 美洲狮模型在火柴盒/利华美洲豹直升机模型套材的基础上改造而成

The Eurocopter AS 532 U2 Cougar Mk II is operated by the Dutch Air Force[KLu] on behalf on the Dutch Air Mobile Army Brigade. It seemed very nice to have a large 1/32 model of this helicopter in the collection and as Matchbox issued a 1/32 Puma kit (later improved and issued by Revell), a conversion project was started.

欧直AS 532 U2美洲狮II型由荷兰空军[KLu]操作飞行,隶属于荷兰陆军的空中突击旅。收集这个1/32的大比例直升机模型很令人高兴,套材是火柴盒的1/32 美洲狮模型(后来由利华改进再版),改造项目开始。

But first let's look at a brief background of this chopper.但是我们先来看看这个直升机的简介。

The Eurocopter Cougar AS 532 helicopter is derived from the Super Puma and in fact the Puma helicopter developed by Aerospatiale and Westland emerging the mid nineteen-sixties. The original Pumahelicopter designated SA 330 was a tactical transport helicopter and the first production Puma flew in 1968. It was and still is used by many air forces and by civil operators. It has a crew of 2 pilots and a navigator and a cabin for maximum of 16-20 troops or passengers. The Puma has a maximum take off weight of 6400 kg with two Turbomeca Turmo engines. The rotor has a diameter of 15 meters and its overall length with rotors turning is 18.15 m. Fuselage length is 14.06 m and its maximum speed about 280 km/hour at sealevel.

欧直美洲狮AS 532 U2直升机是超美洲豹直升机的派生型号,也是1960年代法国宇航和韦斯特兰公司联合研制的美洲豹直升机的改进型。最初的美洲豹直升机型号是SA 330,是一种战术运输直升机,在1968年首飞。直到现在还被很多国家的空军和民航使用。驾驶舱能容纳一名飞行员和一名领航员,后机舱能运载16-20个士兵或者乘客。安装两台透博梅卡公司透默发动机的美洲豹最大起飞重量为6400kg。桨叶直径15m,包含桨叶的机体总长度是18.15m,机体长14.06m,海平面的最大飞行时速280km。

The Super Pumatwin turbine medium lift helicopter was extensively modified from the original Puma.The Super PumaAS 332 was a longer and upgraded version of the Puma, the type being continually improved and enlarged. It had a larger cabin and more powerfull engines.

超美洲豹双发涡轮中型载重直升机是美洲豹最重要的改型。超美洲豹AS 332比美洲豹更长,是它的升级版,型号正在不断完善和扩大,拥有更大的后机舱和更有力的发动机。

The latest military variant of the Super Puma is called the Cougar. It has even more modifications as compared to the Super Puma. First flight of the Cougar was in Februari 1987. The new European Eurocopter organisation is now the manufacturer.


The variant AS 532 U2 Cougar Mk II is an unarmed tactical military transport helicopter and it is also used by the Dutch Air Force on behalf on the Air Mobile Army Brigade. It is even longer than the Super Puma as the fairing between the aft cabin and tailboom is a bit longer and made of composites. The latest Cougars got an improved rotor system with larger diameter blades and a new rotorhead that incorporates some lessons learned from the NH90 helicopter currently being developed (a never ending project....) . It also has a small weather radar in the longer nose.

改进型AS 532 U2美洲狮II型是一种无武装的军用运输直升机,由荷兰空军操作飞行,隶属于荷兰陆军的空中突击旅。在机舱后部和尾梁之间有比超美洲豹更长的过渡结构,由复合材料制成。最新的美洲狮改进了旋翼系统还有更大直径的桨叶。新的旋翼桨毂系统吸取了很多NH90直升机上的经验,目前还在改进中(一个永远也不会结束的项目……)。它更长的鼻子里还有个小型气象雷达。

The Cougar landing gear was also changed with two single larger rear wheels and twin nose wheels. Powerplant of the AS 532 U2 is the Turbomeca Makila 1A2 with max 2100 shp for 30 seconds emergency power and a normal max power of 1657 shp.

美洲狮的起落架也做了修改,后起落架换成更大的单轮(美洲豹是双轮),前起落架还是双轮。AS 532 U2的发动机换用透博梅卡公司的马基拉1A2型,最大能输出1657马力,紧急情况下能在30秒内最大输出2100马力。

The Cougar cabin can accommodate various lay-outs such as folding seats for up to 28 troops, 12 stretchers etc. The latest Cougar helicopters also have EFIS/IFDS cockpit displays and an automatic flight control system.

美洲狮的机舱有多种布局,可以容纳28名士兵或者12付担架。最新的美洲狮直升机还有电子飞行仪表系统/综合飞行数据系统的座舱(就是玻璃化座舱的意思,EFIS=electronic flight instrumentation system,IFDS=integrated flight data system)和自动飞行控制系统。

Eurocopter AS 532 U2 Cougar technical data / 欧直AS 532 U2美洲狮技术数据:
Main rotor : diameter  16.20 m ,4 blades with curved tips (diameter 0.60 m more than the Super Puma)
主桨:直径16.20 m,4叶顶端弯曲桨(直径比超美洲豹长0.60 m)
Tailrotor: diameter 3.15 m, 4 blades
尾桨:直径3.15 m,4叶桨
Wheel track : 3.00m
Cruising speed about max 277 km/hour;

Fuselage modifications: cabin plug with a 0.76 m forward section as compared to normal Puma with also new longer radarnose; rear section is quite different as compared to Super Puma with new composite fairing and shorter tailboom ; Overall, the AS 532 U2 fuselage length from forward radarnose to atmost tailtip (exclusive rotors) is 16.27 m (50.8 cm in 1/32 scale or 22.6 cm in 1/72 scale).

机体改动:相对普通的美洲豹机体前部增加了0.76m,还有更长的机鼻雷达整流罩;机体后部相对超美洲豹有很大的不同,新的复合材料过渡结构和更短的尾梁;总体而言,AS 532 U2机体从机鼻雷达罩到机尾尾尖(不含桨叶)长度是16.27 m (1/32比例是50.8 cm,1/72比例是22.6 cm)。

The drawing shows the correct measurements for a AS 532 U2 Cougar./AS532 U2美洲狮精确尺寸涂装图

涂装图 (Click here for a very large drawing/点小图看大图)

Note for 1/72 builders: the 1/72 Italeri/Revell kit is fine for a Super Puma and can be used as a basis for a AS 532 Cougar with the exception of the rear composite fairing;

给1/72比例模型制作者的建议:意大利/利华1/72的超美洲豹套材不错,可以用来改造成AS 532 美洲狮,除了后部的复合过渡结构以外。

for a Cougar as compared to a Super Puma the rear fuselage cone fairing even longer and has a "straight" different shape, being  47 cm longer (= 0.65 cm in 1/72 scale. So the Italeri kit's fuselage fairing cone should be converted for a Cougar. )


The kit in 1/32 scale / 1/32的套材


Matchbox (owned by Lesney) issued a large model in 1/32 of the SA 330 Puma in 1980. Kit number was PK-507. It was a very nice kit and at the time quite impressive with many parts including engines. It has decals for no less than 4 liveries including RAF and the company Puma demonstrator.

火柴盒(莱斯尼旗下)在1980年发售了这盒1/32的SA 330美洲豹大比例模型,编号是PK-507。这是盒非常不错的模型,有许多零件,包括发动机。水贴有4种选择,包括英国皇家空军和法宇航的救援展示机。


The kit parts are basic but usable for the conversion and it was at the time one of finest kits issued by Matchbox.


Later, Revell obtained the Matchbox moulds and issued in 1993 the Puma as kit #04499 with some improvements to the original Matchbox kit. It has additional new sprues with parts for the interior, much better pilot seats, intake filters and various other improvements.


Revell 4499

It came with a large decal sheet comprising a spectacular Tigermeet scheme from a RAF Puma. /套材还有一张很大的水贴,包括英国空军那个很漂亮的老虎会涂装。

Revell 4499版件
Revell 4499水贴

Revell also later issued another update on the Puma kit. Kit #04412 has again some added some sprues with extra parts enabling the building of a German BGS ( Bundes Grenz Schutz) "border patrol" Puma, with larger side sponsons/fairings and a radar nose protruding antenna.



Extra BGS parts & decals; the kit has also the parts of the Revell kit #04499.



The 1/32 scale conversion project for the Dutch AS 532 Cougar can use either of these Puma kits. It is noted that any of the Revell kits are recommended as you get some finer updated parts and the intake filters.

1/32荷兰AS 532美洲狮模型改造计划使用了上面所有的美洲豹套材。推荐使用利华的套材,这样能使用改进后的零件和发动机进气口过滤罩。

To extend the fuselage and rotor blade diameter however, two Puma kits are required to save some work. I obtained an old Matchbox Puma and a newer Revell #04499 kit to be used in the conversion Cougar project.


Model Made / 模型制作

The Dutch AF Cougar can be made as in model in various configurations.


It is flown with two types of main gear interchangeable sponsons: a smaller type and a larger type (note that the larger one is very different than the ones in the BGS kit).


Also, various engine exhaust configurations are seen with sometimes a JDD, jet diffusion devices which is in fact a Infrared protection fairing . There are also various other changes, so scratch building will be required any way.

还可以安装各种发动机排气口装置,有时候是JDD排气扩散器(Jet Diffusion Devices),其实就是一种红外抑制罩。有时候还有其他的设备,无论用啥,都需要自制这些零件。


It was decided to make a Dutch Cougar as flown during flying qualification tests from Dutch Navy Assault Transport ship HrMs Rotterdam in 2005.


The test helicoper was flown with: / 测试飞行的直升机安装了以下设备:
- large sponsons / 大型浮筒
- JDDengine exhaust fairings / JDD红外抑制罩
- water tank and test equipment inside cabin / 内置水箱和测试设备
- small test instrument on nose / 机鼻小型测量设备

Also, a lot of folding blade test were done on deck to check handling and behaviour. This is an interesting setting, and for me as a modeller: it would save a lot of space later on in the model display cabinet!



a real Cougar on deck / 甲板上的美洲狮实机